Mental health and well being

Moral Purpose

Downlands Community Primary School team are passionate about making a difference to the lives of young people. We believe in teamwork: working with each other, with teachers and colleagues across the school, with the wider school community and most importantly with the children in our school. We act with determination. Whatever obstacles or difficulties our pupils, their families, the school, our team or the community face, we always support, react and pull together. Finally, we are committed to making a difference; we are not passive players in our pupils’ lives, but active participants who can and do make a real difference. These reflect the school’s curriculum statement and core values – echoed in our school motto: We Care, We Share, We Believe, We Achieve. 

Our moral purpose can, therefore, be summarised below :- 

  • Support
  • Belief
  • Determination
  • Commitment

Our approach to supporting children’s mental health, promoting prosocial behaviours and problem solving skills are captured in the following interviews made for BFBS Blandford Radio:

The voice of the Headteacher speaking about ‘Feel better, behave better’.

The voice of the ELSA/HLTA speaking about ‘Care and passion in support of children’.

The voice of the Assistant Headteacher and Inclusion Lead talking about ‘Equity rather than equality’.