School Uniform

Parents can choose from the options below for their children. Or, they are welcome to choose a blended approach of uniform options for their child with full consultation with the school.

Option 1
– Grey trousers or grey shorts.
– Blue polo shirt with Downlands logo – available from the office.
– School sweatshirt with Downlands logo – available from the office.
– Grey or navy socks.
– Flat, black shoes. No boots or trainers

Option 2
– Grey trousers, skirt, pinafore or culottes. Light blue gingham dress in summer.   
– Blue polo shirt.
– School sweatshirt with Downlands logo or school cardigan with Downlands logo (available from the office).
– Plain navy or grey tights or white socks.
– Grey or navy hair bands or plain bobbles may be worn in the hair.  No headscarves, bows etc.     
– Flat black shoes.  No boots or trainers.  No open-toed footwear.

PE kit for both boys and girls:
– Plain navy shorts – available from the office.
– Light blue t-shirt with Downlands logo – available from the office.
– Black plimsolls. If children from Y3,4,5 & 6 do not have plimsolls they can do indoor PE in bare feet. 

– Year 1 – 6 require trainers for outside P.E. These children may also wear a plain navy tracksuit or a school sweatshirt during cold weather. For trainers to be worn with school uniform, on a regular basis, a note will be required from a doctor.

– PE kit should be kept in school drawstring bag.