Arriving at School

You may find it helpful to look at the CEAS Guide to Moving Schools.

School is open at 8.30am with registration at 8.40am.
It is Downlands Policy that all Reception and KS1 pupils are brought and collected to and from school by an adult. Pupils in KS2, with parent and school permission, are able to be unaccompanied.
When a child joins us here at Downlands School they are given a buddy who shows them around the school, including where they eat lunch, go to the toilet etc. Their buddy generally looks after them for the first day/week.
New children and their buddy are entered into the gold book.
We make sure that lunchtime supervisors are aware of the new child.
We welcome the new pupil and make sure he/she feels happy, safe and secure.

There is a mid-morning break from 10.35-10.50. Dorset County Council runs a fruit and vegetable scheme providing every child with a healthy snack. This is free for KS1 children, and KS2 children can opt-in at a cost of 60p per week. Alternatively, you may provide a healthy snack of fruit or vegetables clearly marked with your child’s name.

Children eat their lunches together in the school hall under the supervision of Lunchtime Supervisors. Hot dinners are provided free of charge for Reception and KS1 children. Meals can be booked and paid for online for KS2 children.  Good manners are expected at all times.
We encourage children to eat healthily and request that no sweets are included. We also kindly request that no food contains nuts to help protect children with nut allergies. There are 2 sittings for lunch, KS1 and KS2. Once a child has finished eating they may go and play.

A variety of after school clubs take place at Downlands. A small charge is made for these.


Here at Downlands, we offer a Breakfast Club and After School Care. Breakfast Club is open from 7.45 am until 8.40 am when the children are taken to their respective classes. For their breakfast we offer them a wide choice of cereals and toast, fresh fruit is always available for them throughout the session. We encourage the children to tidy up after themselves once they have finished eating. Breakfast is included in the cost of the morning session.

All of the resources within the school are available for us to use and benefit from. Our enthusiastic team plan a variety of activities to suit all different types of interest. Snack for after school club is an additional cost of 40p per session. You may opt-out of this scheme and supply your child with a snack and drink but we request that it is healthy.

The cost for these sessions are:

7.45 am start  £5.50
8.00 am start  £4.50
4.00 pm pick up £4.50
5.00 pm pick up £9.40 (inc. snack)
5.15 pm pick up £10.40 (inc. snack)

Please feel free to talk to Mrs Cress Cooper for further information or if you would like to secure a place for your child.


Here at Downlands, we have a pre-school for children from 3 years old. Parents can use their Early Education funding entitlement, including the Government 30 hours free funding for eligible 3 & 4-year-olds, at any time during opening hours.
Morning sessions       –    8.50am-11.50am
Afternoon sessions    –    11.50am-2.50pm
All day session           –    8.50am-2.50pm
The hourly rate for pre-school is £4.50. Snack is served in a morning session at a cost of 20p per session.
If you would like more information or to book a look around please email



Downlands Community School