Forest School coming soon

For some time now, Downlands School has planned to develop a site for a Forest School using the wooded areas on camp. Working in conjunction with Camp Commandant, Quartermaster and Garrison Welfare Community Development Workers, the school has had two successful bids for funds to support this venture.


The vision was to create a Forest School Site, within walking distance of the school and utilising the abundant natural woodland of the secure camp environment. Forest School is a child-centred program that supports play, exploration and supported risk-taking in the outdoor environment. It develops confidence, self-esteem and resilience through a hands-on approach in the natural environment. 


Once the site has been fully prepared and staff have been trained, we intend to use the Forest School with children within our Foundation Stage Unit as part of the EYFS curriculum. Furthermore, will use this facility with small groups of older children for extra-curricular activities. Also, as a reward and motivational tool for other children who will no doubt enjoy the different activities on offer in this environment.


Mrs Loveless (EYFS Lead) is very excited to have started her Level 3 Forest School Leader training along with Kate Parish (Garrison Welfare Community Development Worker).

We are very grateful to Staff Sgt. Tim Bartlett and his team of DofE volunteers for their support in developing the site and making it safe for children to use. We are excited that work has already begun on this project…

Mrs Loveless



Downlands Community School