Downlands Community School Home Learning – FS1(Dandelions)

19th March 2020

This is our ‘Home Learning’ offer for pupils and parents. Your children learn best through play and exploring the environment especially at this age so please don’t feel pressured. We have put a plan into place for the children from Monday next week.

This week I have been handing out Education City logins for your child. This is an excellent resource and your child’s key worker can log on and see what you have been accessing too!

  • Our staff will send daily messages to guide the learning using Tapestry. They may
    reference other online learning sites that are familiar to pupils. However, they will
    also recommend many non-screen activities. This will be done before 11am daily.

Tapestry can also be used for mutual, bespoke feedback.

Any other concern or information you need please email us on and I will respond as soon as I can.

Updates from the school

  • The school office will forward the weekly school newsletter each Friday using
    emails. This will contain any updates regarding school opening as well as providing a
    link to what other children have been learning about.
  • The headteacher will use his Twitter Account (@DownlandsHead) as much as
    possible to provide regular contact and updates. He can also be contacted via email


Technical detail

  • Please get in touch with the school office if you have problems accessing or working
  • Parents should already be signed up to receiving school newsletters and other email
    communications from the school office, as part of the initial admissions process. If
    you feel you currently do not receive emails from the office, please get in touch.
  • The front page of the school website has a Twitter Feed which will also be used for
    communication (@DownlandsSchool and @DownlandsHead).



Our school still remains committed to safeguarding. With three Deputy Safeguarding
Leads: Miss Hoare, Mrs Williams and Mrs Goodall, plus the overall Designated
Safeguarding Lead – Mr Rielly, who are all still very much on hand to offer support and
guidance or direct towards other agencies who might be better able to respond during
these difficult times. Please email Mr Rielly with any concerns relating to safeguarding or
welfare of children ( Alternatively, the Children’s Advice and
Duty Service (01305 228 866) is a central point of contact for anyone worried about the
safety or wellbeing of a child or young person who lives in Dorset.
All activities suggested by our staff will be appropriate to your child’s age group.
Some activities may point to simple and safe ‘practical’ activities. Nevertheless, it
is intended that all activities should be supervised by a responsible adult.


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Downlands Community School